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Below Are The Three Mark 75 Motors Released. There Was Only 65 Of The Red Version Made!! I Just Included One Set Of The Powerheads As They Are All Basically The Same. Models Show Are As Follows:

  1. 1957 Mark 75H Sunset Orange And Tan

  2. 1957 Mark 75 Charcoal

  3. 1958 Mark 75 Burgundy And Sand Tan

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Below Are A Few Pictures Just To Show The Awesome Detail Of  The New Mark 55E Motors In Sarasota Blue. Also Shown Is The Box They Ship In Great Detail On The Box. Not A Photographer So Pictures Don't Do It Justice. Hope To Get The Quicksilver Green Motor After Christmas And Will Add Pictures.

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Below Are A Few Pictures Just To Show The Awesome Detail Of The Powerhead On The New Mark 75 Motors. Also Shown Are The Boxes They Ship In Great Detail On The Boxes. These Motors Are Truly The Most Awesomely Detailed Toy Motors Ever Made. There Is A Red And A Blue Model Available And The Blue Is Already Sold Out. 

I Try But Believe Me My Pictures Don't Do Them Justice!!


Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

Mark 75 Blue Box Blue Mark 75 Red Mark 75 Mark 75 Red Box
Mercury Mark 75 Powerhead Mercury Mark 75 Powerhead Mercury Mark 75 Powerhead Mercury Mark 75 Powerhead

Mercury Mark 75 Powerhead


 1/9th scale Mariner 2.5L, Mariner 2.5L and Mercury Pro-Max 150. The 2.5L models have the new style powerhead, the Mercury 150 Pro-Max has the chrome lower unit. Thanks to Terry for changing the new release to help hold the value of the previously released Mercury & Mariner motors. As with all the Alterscale motors the detail is unbelievable and my pictures do not do them justice. There is a very limited quantity of each available so don't miss out.


Mariner 2.5L Model AMA97-2.5

Mariner 2.5L Mariner 2.5L Mariner 2.5L Mariner 2.5L


Mercury 2.5L Model AME97-2.5

Mercury 2.5L Mercury 2.5L Mercury 2.5L Mercury 2.5L


Both The Mercury 2.5L & Mariner 2.5L Have Powerhead Style Shown Below.

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Mercury 150 Pro Max Model AME97-150

Mercury 150 Pro Max Mercury 150 Pro Max Mercury 150 Pro Max Mercury 150 Pro Max
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Shown below are the new Powerhead Kits for upgrading the Alterscale Johnson and Evinrude motors. Each kit contains all the mounting hardware and two powerheads with chrome Velocity Stacks.

1.  Two V8 powerheads that fit into the1:9 scale V8 outboards.  The V8s were designed from the beginning to accept the fully modeled V8 powerhead with its eight one-barreled carburetors with high quality Chrome velocity stacks and Red high intake manifold..
2.  All hardware needed (screws and such) to put the powerhead in place within the model.   
3.  Two new cowling clasps.
4.  Instructions on installation.            


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Here's An Example Of One Of The Kits On My 1991 Evinrude CR 300 HP XP300

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Below are some pictures of this new BEAUTY!!! Incredible detail you would have to see to appreciate. I am sorry I am not a professional photographer but tried my best to get some images for people to enjoy. At least these will give you an idea of the beautiful detail of the new release. A BIG THANK YOU TO CARLOS KURI for bringing this motor to the Alterscale Collectors!!!!! 

Note: Just click on any image to enlarge the picture.

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Just For Fun A Few Of The Incredibly Detailed 1/9th Scale Battery Powered Outboard Motors From Alterscale. These Motors Are From The Original Release.   They Include The Mercury & Mariner 225 & The Mercury 150 ProMax Without The Chrome Lower Unit.

Mariner 225 Mariner Powerhead Mercury 150 Mercury 150 Powerhead
Mercury 225 Mercury 225 Powerhead Mercury 225 Powerhead Mercury 150 & Mariner 225 Powerhead
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Johnson Black Panels Johnson All Gray Johnson  White Johnson


Evinrude Evinrude CREvinrude Standard Evinrude