Stomper One Speeds (Off Card)


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Stomper Overdrive Jeep Cherokee Stomper Overdrive Jeep Cherokee Stomper Overdrive Jeep Cherokee
56 Ford 56 Ford 56 Ford
Model T Ford Model T Ford Model T Ford
gmcod.jpg (31252 bytes) gmcod1.jpg (29254 bytes) gmcod2.jpg (29700 bytes)
Blue SR5 Toyota Green SR5 Toyota Red SR5 Toyota Tan SR5 Toyota
Brown Jeep Honcho Orange Jeep Honcho Red Jeep Honcho White Jeep Honcho
Orange Subaru Brat Brown Subaru Brat Gray Subaru Brat Yellow Subaru Brat
Yellow Dodge Dark Blue Dodge Baby Blue Dodge Ramwagon Silver/Gray Dodge Ramwagon
Lime Green Dodge G1 Dodge Side Clip Black Dodge Warlock Side Clip Red Dodge Warlock
Gray Dodge With 1 On Hood Orange Chevy Blazer Red Chevy Blazer Chevy Blazer
Chevy Blazer Chevy Blazer purplevan.jpg (42512 bytes) Black Chevy Luv
Chevy Luv G1 Chevy Luv G1 Chevy Luv MINT!!! G1 Chevy Luv
Side Clip Black Blazer Side Clip Blue Blazer Side Clip Black Chevy Scottsdale Side Clip Blue Chevy Scottsdale
greenscottsdale.jpg (19207 bytes) Chevy Silverado ltbluechevy.jpg (19973 bytes) Black Chevy Truck
Side Clip White Bronco Side Clip Red Bronco One Speed Black Bronco Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco Black Ford Bronco (Should Have White Rims) Ford Bronco G1 Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Wrangler Side Clip Blue Jeep Side Clip Yellow Jeep orangehoncho.jpg (84015 bytes)
Red Jeep Honcho Blue Renegade Sheriff's Jeep Orange Renegade
Sheriff's Jeep Jeep Scrambler Datsun LIL Hustler Blue Datsun
Blue Datsun AAA Tow Truck Datsun Lil Hustler White Datsun ZX
Baby Blue Datsun ZX Yellow Datsun ZX Red SX4 AMC SX4
Blue Nomad Red Nomad Yellow Nomad Green VW Rabbit
Red VW Rabbit Blue Bug Yellow Bug yellowvette.jpg (17190 bytes)
Red Corvette g1subaru.jpg (19824 bytes) Purple Ford F100 (Mini) Dodge Rampage
yellowvwmini.jpg (17046 bytes) dodgecollection.jpg (40051 bytes) Side Clip Collection


Here's A Few Pictures Of Some Super Climber Copy Cat Trucks. They Are Nice And The Two That Still Run Are Very Strong!!

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