Stomper II's (Mostly)

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Baja Bronco

If Anybody Has A Set Of Rollbars They Could Sell For This One Please Contact Me.

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Dodge Aztec Dodge Water Demon, Check Out The Yellow Hood!!! Original SCOOP!!!
G2 Red Dodge With Winch G2 Dodge Ramwagon With Utility Trailer dunebuggy.jpg (15198 bytes) Dodge Van
G2 Dodge Rampage Ford Ranger Water Demon Ford Bronco     Ford Bronco
Stomper Construction Ford Lumber Truck Stomper Construction Ford Lumber Truck Ford Ranger Chevy S-10
G2 Orange F100 Ford GMC Workhorse Set redchevyworkhorse.jpg (23414 bytes) GMC (One Of The Elusive Trend Setter Series)
G2 Chevy S-10 G2 Red/White Chevy Blazer G2 Chevy With Camper G2 Black Chevy Van
Chevy Scottsdale Mcdonalds With Original Box G2 Chevy #88 G2  White Chevy McDonalds
WorkHorse Jeep G2 Purple Jeep G2 Jeep Scrambler G2 Jeep
G2 Subaru Brat Road Rod G2 Subaru Brat Road Rod G2 Red Datsun Turbo Datsun
AMC Eagle SX/4 G2 Blue Nomad G2 Yellow Dusenberg Camaro Speedster
Porsche Speedster porsche.jpg (24082 bytes) One Awesome Dodge Speedster Water Demon Stomper Construction
Water Demon Military


Three Wheeler         G2 Pull Set
Trend Setters Puller Stomper Construction Truck trendsettergmc.jpg (38022 bytes) MOC G2 Blue Chevy Luv
G2 MOC Red Chevy S-10  1984 MOC G2 Jeep Cherokee  1984 Purple Doge Ramwagon Water Demon Dodge Ramcharger
MOC G2 Yellow Toyota  1984 VW Baja Bug MOC G2 Blue Chevy Nomad  1983-1984 MOC G2 White Audi Quattro  1984
MOC G2 Green Subaru Hatchback  1983 White Corvette Speedster



Red General Heavy Construction Vehicle Set Heavy Construction Vehicle Set Mack Superliner
bluegeneral.jpg (18472 bytes) Stomper Construction Company Crane Black GMC General GMC Conventional
Kenworth Conventional Kenworth With "California Sleeper" AWESOME!!!!! orangewhitetow.jpg (19426 bytes) Black Peterbuilt
Red Peterbuilt  1981-1982    Blue Peterbuilt  1981-1982 White Mack  1981-1982 Mobile Force Missile Launcher
Red Freightliner  1981-1982 Gray Freightliner  1981-1982 Fire Truck MOC Blue Peterbuilt  1981-1982
MOC Red Peterbuilt  1981-1982 Moc Orange Kenworth  1981-1982 Kenworth COE 1981-1982 MOC Yellow Freightliner  1981-1982
MOC Gray Freightliner  1981-1982

MOC Black Mack  1981-1982

Peterbuilt Tow Truck